awards and patents

  1. Automatic full-automatic  fish sorter machine
  2.  Fish Counting Device
  3.  Live fish  transporter from farm
  4. Recycling and garbage collection equipment for fish farms
  5. Wireless video intercom device
  6.  Disinfection equipment for infectious and hospital waste by microwave waves (approved by the Ministry of Health and is currently being developed by the National Science and Technology Department of the country in the year 90 by the Vice President of the President)
  7.  Bio radar system by Micro-Frequency Waves (Custom Made for Omer Solvent)
  8.  Microwave drill for microwave irrigation of concrete and asphalt (approved by Global Ethernet Foundation)
  9. Spray  with variable  rate technology based on image processing and artificial neural network (approved by Elite Foundation)
  10.  The machine for grain and fruit drying by microwave waves (being mass production and approved by the National Elite Foundation)
  11.  Welding diagnostic and troubleshooting device in gas pipes
  12. Instrument for measuring the amount of rebar within the concrete
  13.  Anesthetic system of  teeth by radio  waves
  14. . Concrete crack detection machine by machine vision and artificial neural network
  15.  Plasma glucose lowering device (licensed by the Ministry of Health)
  16.  Altra-optic welding diagnostic device
  17.  Microwave Asphalt Recycling Machine (in semi-industrial production)
  18.  Diabetic Wound Healing Machine by Plasma
  19.  Device for detecting the amount of fruit pose by piezoelectric
  20.  Sterilizing and disinfecting equipment for medical equipment by plasma
  21. Tractor locator by array antennas

The mass production of an infectious waste disinfection system with microwave technology   in  iran , as the second-largest producer of this technology in the world after Austria, with 5 pounds of foreign prices. Approved by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Environment and the US Food and Drug Administration, and the domestic and international standards ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, CE MARK, EOTA.